All Artwork is Copyright of Christine Maynard

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About Christine:

Christine is a self-taught Christchurch artist whose abstract paintings are earthy and textural.

Christine's paintings are inspired by the NZ landscape, particularly Central Otago, Mackenzie Country and Canterbury.

Christine's works are descriptive of landforms shaped by both natural forces and man. Weathering, erosion and human activity lead to an ever-changing terrain.

The resultant painting of a rocky landscape depicts just a fragment of geological time.

There is often a touch of both flora and water in her paintings that allude to the idea of the land sustaining life.

These also help to soften the painting and give it movement.

The paintings have layers of colour and texture through which Christine chisels, scrapes, eliminates, adds back and interacts with the painting to produce the final work.

Christine is a member of Artists of Canterbury.

Christine was the winner of the Morant Foundation Fine Art Award, Feb 2018.

Christine was a finalist in the Arts Gold Awards October 2019.

First SOLO Exhibition is 1-26 August this year (2020) at:

Little River Gallery, Canterbury.

Among her favourite artists are:  Lawrence Carroll , Christian Hetzel , Antoni Tapies, Mirco Marchelli, JMW Turner

Christine Maynard

To see more of Christine's Paintings available: